Counteractt is a Technical Deathcore band that was formed in 2015 in Madrid,Spain.

They released their first EP on 2017 called “Movements of Silence”With a more”Djenty” sound but already implementing some deathcore vibes. This release made them play a lot of National shows and open for bands like Analepsy and Ingested on their spanish dates.

Two years later they decided to make more extreme music and after a change on their lineup they released “Sector III” featuring Alan Grnja from DISTANT and “Death in the abyss” as singles extracted from our first professional album titled “Universal Sadness” which was released on September 15th of 2020 featuring another vocal feature from Ricky Lee Roper from UK deathcore band OSIAH.

“Universal sadness” had a great placement between the fans of the genre and enthusiasts of extreme music getting more than 20K streams on Spotify on it’s first two months of life and more than 17K views on Youtube.